Paul Costelloe… See ya later

There’s nothing that infuriates me more that the fashion world and their sizest attitude. Paul Costello has just trotted after Karl Lagerfield in his critique of the plus size consumer. Personally I think it’s an abomination and I will never ever buy anything remotely associated with him again. I am in fact considering a boycott on Dunnes in general. Their Savida range which is the young trendy sister of the Gallery range reaches up to an 18 only and the Carolyn Donnelly Edit range to a 16. The gallery range aimed at the 40 something woman goes only to a 22.

I’ve always been a big fan ( pardon the pun)of supporting Irish and especially Dunnes because their clothing is reasonably priced and their homewares are great value. When they have their name associated with this kind of sizest name? I’m thinking twice.

Let’s face it, the world is cruel enough to us larger gals anyway , many stores don’t accommodate our more ample or , if you will , overweight bodies. The average woman in the UK and Ireland is thought to be a 14 or 16. This is technically plus size. Why so are stores adamant to berate and exclude bigger girls?

Take health out of the equation, because let’s face it supermarkets are prepared to sell the Nachos but don’t want us wearing their clothes if we eat them? I get mails on my Facebook page regularly with ladies trying to dress themselves , and they find it hard to be fashionable and shape appropriate at the same time. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of women that shy away from social and family gatherings because of their size.

Fair play to Debenhams for supporting the woman with the bigger bum. I modelled recently in a fashion show in aid of breakthrough cancer research and the Boutique originally assigned to me only went up to a 14. I’d have had a job getting into that. I really think that no matter how you dress it up plus size is here to stay.

Also another mini rant about some plus size clothing, a lot of it is not aimed at young trendy girls. Lots of gals that are bigger have great pins or shapely arms.

Cork is already flying the plus size flag with Lockdown models And Vanity Vague employing plus size gals. Let’s hope that women that are big, small, fat or thin will be able to shop for their dream outfit.

So on this I will sign off. This has only made me more determined to blog more about plus size fashion!

Post coming soon on jeans …..



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