Date night with Sandra my make up

This blog is becoming quite the online diary and as a social butterfly this week has been a hectic one socially. I was catching up with my pal Sandra and I already blogged about my outfit choice so here’s the make up.

I’m a messy gal so here’s a picture of my make up as I was doing it. I used Pink Avenue Brushes with a real techniques foundation brush. I don’t want to go too heavily into technique as that really is for video ( coming soon) .

I still had my caltan so I needed a good dark foundation… You know type you wore when you were 15? So I opted for NC35 in Mac, it’s an odd yellow colour that would make you think you looked like Marge from the Simpsons, but it balances out my pink skin perfectly.


My make routine nearly always involves definition of my eyes. Believe it or not, it’s harder to do your own eyes than someone else’s.


I’m going for big eyes here. No mascara just semis and a lot of highlighter under the brow.


Lipstick, Shiseido are my all time faves and this nudey pink is perfect it’s called RS306 I use a flat nude pink lip liner in RD702 under it.

I contoured with some bronzer and used a shimmer brick by Bobbi Brown in “nectar “to get my glow on…..

I’m loving my Pink Avenue brushes which are being rolled out in lots of pharmacies of late x


Now finally I’m always telling you all the virtues of taking off your make up, and I myself obey this rule…. Even after dinner, banter and bubbly! Here’s the proof! Again I appear to have a Gammy eye…, I misjudged the cotton bud and stabbed myself! ( note the bubbly)

So a no make up, smothered in moisturiser selfie! Where would ya be going!


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