A weekend away….. What to bring

Not one to ever compromise my skin care routine I always keep the little gifts that I get for such occasions. By gifts I mean the ones you get with purchases in Department stores, sometimes I feel like a sucker fir always buying into them but when the time comes for a night or two away I’m always grateful. Sometimes I even keep the little pots to refill them for my next jaunt.


There probably enough product here for about two weeks. Ordinarily I use them up when I get back as creams etc have a shelf life and they are kinda perishable. When we condense our creams, we also should look at a travel handy ” capsule ” make up collection. Let’s face it, you don’t use half the stuff in your vanity case on a daily basis and I know from personal experience that in a night away with your husband or girlfriends you are having too much fun to be faffing over make up, however you don’t want to compromise on your look either! That’s for another blog post though!

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