Cleaning your brushes…. listen up long wear foundation users

I’ve had some dalliances recently with different long wear foundations, most namely MAC face and body and Lancôme Teint Idol 24 . While Estée Lauders Take it away might cleanse it off your skin regular brush cleanser doesn’t cut the mustard.

Ordinarily I use this MAC cleanser on my brushes ,some research has shown me the way! And by research I mean Anna Saccone. She’s such a Mecca of tips and while I’d seen it on Pinterest I was still quite sceptical until I saw her YouTube video.


She popped up a blog recently about using some Olive Oil to clean her brushes so I gave it a whirl myself. I added tea tree oil to olive oil and washed it out with some deep cleansing shampoo. I used the Toni and Guy Detox one. The brushes are now soft, clean and perfect to use again. I used the Tea tree oil for its anti- bacterial properties.As with all cleansing of brushes it’s really important to dry them flat, unless you have a brush tree! Like this one ; I don’t have one I just use a rolled up old hand or tea towel.


I’m still using my trusty mac brush cleanser for my eye brushes but any”wet product” brushes are getting the Olive Oil treatment … Olive oil you can buy in any supermarket and this tee tree oil I bought from Holland &Barrett.



Try it! I promise you will be left with soft and manageable brushes! Just make sure you rinse it properly of residue


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