Happy Feet

Flip flop season is fast approaching and I’m quite sure that many of us have been living in boots for the last while. A trip to the chiropodist was necessary for me after a winter of long days on my feet and the lack of a proper pedi in months. Now firstly let me say I got my fathers feet, I can safely say my mums delicate frame and features were passed to my siblings and I got my dad’s feet, he was an eleven I’m an eight. Huge toes, but splendid walking feet. I walk a lot, I live quite close to everywhere and it’s practical. I’ve just invested in new runners, these ones are soo pretty and are by Nike, although I swore off neon runners, trying these on made me realise that I needed the air cushioned heavenly squish when I walked. So that was my second treat, the first being my trip to Lorcan, of Achilles Foot clinic. I like his hygienic and practical clinic , as well as his good advice on feet. I think everyone needs to see a chiropodist at least once a year, they sort out corns, callouses and toenails! He introduced me to CCS cream, a special cream containing urea which helps with the hydration. This mean that flip-flop season need not be as daunting as it is…. CCS will help you keep your feet happy and healthy. I’m using a teeny bit every night with cotton socks. I am prone to dry skin so I want to keep control of it for the summer. And don’t forget the powder for your pumps to keep them fresh too! Don’t say I don’t love you with all of these super tips, here is a snap of the cream it’s quite thick so a tiny bit is enough.



I will spare you the picture of my feet as they really are practical and not remotely pretty! I remember having a pedicure done one time for a review and thinking how will anyone make my trotters tempting….. It cannot be done, not with nail art, clipping or crystals. My toes just are not for taking photos of….. But look here are my pretty new runners instead! €77 in Kildare outlet centre. Apparently they are super swanky, truth be told I tried them on and loved the feel of them, they were also the only pair in the shop in an 8 for ladies.
There will be no hassle spotting me out walking with my neon ticks!


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