We All need a good tonic for Spring… step up Clarins

I do love a good shower product and I’m forever extolling the virtues of budget ones. Cheap and easy for the shower was the way I was thinking. Anyway a recent gift from Clarins showed me the way of a totally different experience.

Enter Rosemary and Pine for a complete sensory wow moment…

Clarins tonic bath and shower treatment is gorgeous. It’s not drying on the skin and is quite concentrated so a little really goes a long way. You’ve two choices with this foaming miracle…. You can fill the bath, crack open a glass of wine and grab a copy of Hello and lock the kids out, while you luxuriate in the sensual aroma( a capful of product will suffice)The second option is to grab a sponge or shower puff and pour a small amount on it and larger is over your aching limbs in the shower!

I’m actually not waxing lyrical about this stuff for nothing. I followed it on with my moisture rich body lotion by Clarins also. There is however a range of products like cream and oil in the tonic range that I will investigate once my credit card recovers from my Dublin trip!

Review to come also on The moisture rich body lotion! Xxxxx


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