In shower moisturiser ? Not for me

So I ran with wild abandon to get this little baby. On offer for €3 in Tesco I thought I’d give it a shot.


I have dry skin, which at the moment is drier than usual. This always happens for some reason when I make a conscious effort to eat well. So anyhow I decided to try an in shower moisturiser… Handy and easy to use I thought I was made…. This is not a product for someone with dry to very dry skin. I don’t ever like being negative, and it’s a perfectly good product for those that have normal skin.

While it did make a little difference and the product is for dry skin I still applied moisturiser afterwards. As I have a bottle I will continue to use it but will apply this afterwards as it smells similar. In fact used together they are perfect partners. So I think I will use them together! I will keep you posted! X


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