Burgers… Not beautiful but damn tasty.

I love food. It’s kind of like an obsession. It’s not just the eating part though I love cooking too. One of my obsessions is burgers. Now not your frozen pre prepared types but the ones you make yourself. From
Scratch. Here’s my latest creation. A Jalepeno Burger, with pickle red onion and fiery green Jalepenos. Red onion and chilli flakes give it extra kick. All I used sauce wise was Frenchs Mustard and Heinz Ketchup… It has to be Heinz.

I used round steak minced to actually make the burger, and a tala burger press. I seasoned and used no breadcrumbs or fillers. Just pure meat. Hubba Hubba.


The toppings are as important as the meat! It was fab! I cooked it well done as really this is the only safe way to cook mince x