Facial reflexology -Cloud Nine

When Bogusia contacted me in relation to facial reflexology I must admit I was intrigued. I didn’t know what I was signing up for. My first consultation was at her home-treatment room in Ballinrea, Carrigaline. The room is spacious and has a soothing massage chair while you have your initial consultation, which is quite in depth. You are asked questions about your general health as well as your diet and lifestyle.

The reasons behind facial reflexology are similar to that of the feet: relaxation, stress relief, insomnia and general well being. It incorporates acupressure, massage and uses facial maps from the far flung East, China and Japan and South America.

The facial itself was really relaxing and the pure oils that she used left my skin feeling supple and looking fresh. I slept really well afterwards and she was able to tell me during treatment that my tummy was upset( it was). The system used by Bogusia is called The Sorensensistem and uses the below facial map.

Who do I think would benefit from this? Anyone really. It’s like a deep massage on your face, if you are ticklish on your feet, the facial reflexology will give you the benefits of foot reflexology without the need to go near your feet.

To book in you can contact Bogusia on 0879483201 or find her on Facebook


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