Hair trials and errors

Choosing a hair stylist and style for your wedding day, a little gentle guidance to help you through the trial and to avoid the errors

Everyone would agree that you always feel better with a beautiful crowning glory and this is so true on your wedding day. Aunty Glam will share with you her top tips to avoid a wedding hair faux pas.

Firstly prior to trawling the internet and sifting through mountains of hair magazines for the perfect look you need to take into account your hair colour texture and type. No good will come from aspiring to being a Kate Middleton lookalike when your hair is more Sarah Harding. Now you can change your hair colour and get extensions of course but try not to do anything dramatic as you may regret it.

On the subject of extensions , you will not have scrimped on any element of your day and if you are either getting them or thinking of having a clip in , opt for real hair and have it colour matched. There is nothing worse than a Barbie quality hairpiece to cheapen your look. You must keep the standards up from head to toe.

Another key thing to look at is the neckline of your dress, this will help you determine whether you are an up or down type of girl. Remember too that these photos will most likely take pride of place on your mantelpiece for many years to come so keep the style relatively classic as you don’t want to look back in years to come in terror thinking did I really do that?

Adorning your hair be it with a veil or some pretty pearly comb is a great idea but please make sure that you bring it to your hair trial so that your stylist can see it and advise you of any extra’s that you may need to keep control of it, for example clips etc., this will take the stress of the actual day.

Book your hair trial for a weekend that you are thinking of heading out so you can assess the lasting power of the style and it is also worth considering having a dress fitting afterwards to ensure absolute perfection, but failing that try to wear a top to your trail to match your dress, for example a halter neck or full sleeve.These are sll so vital to achieving the overall look, whether that is natural and flowing or structured and funky

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