The Body Shop!

I’m happy to have rediscovered the body shop recently. I had not darkened the doors in years due to a love of expensive skincare and luxury items. I’ve associated it with Dewberry and Vitamin e for the longest time. My bad.


First up is the foot spray… Kept in the fridge it’s cooling and soothing not to mention deodorising. I’ve one in the fridge at home for end of day and one in my locker for my post – work nights out or work out! It’s fresh and keeps your feet smelling sweet.


Next up is the lovely oil that I’ve been using post shower… It’s sold as a body face and hair oil and is be inclined to agree with the hair And body bit , not so loch for the face though. It’s slightly rich and could block pores on the face.

Lastly we have the cleansing balm. Calming , soothing and able to remove even the long wear foundation I have to say I’m impressed. I will still use a separate eye make up remover though

20140518-211216-76336504.jpgit’s perfect for holidays because it’s in a dinky little tin.

A big thanks to the Body shop for these three fab products! I must try more.

Clean , fresh and soothed just what ever girl wants xxxxx

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