Semi Di Lino -Cristalli liquidi

So my hair is over styled and over washed this Is a fact. I wash my hair every day because of the fact it is quite fine. This can cause problems when your hair is bleached and no stranger to the dryer, curling wand and straightener.
This time last year , I had a graduated bob and determined to let it grow I enlisted the help of Sabby owner and stylist from Kopper in Glanmire.

I was despondent. I wanted long hair, had considered hair extensions, but found them to be expensive and also time consuming. I work two jobs, blog and write so my lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to time consuming hair routines. Now that I have told you my hair life story allow me to tell you about the lovely SemiDiLino.

I have been using all Joico Products in my hair and love them. I just recently started using this liquid like serum that doesn’t weigh my hair down and I have to say it’s making my ends look healthy and shiny. The texture of my hair is consistent and it has grown considerably. I always get a trim when getting my colour done and have that down to every 7-8 weeks. I used to get it done at 5. This is down to great hairdressing technique and the correct use of products ,to stop build up in the hair.


The one thing I love most about this product is that it makes my flyaways manageable and there is honestly no build up from it at all. I use it on damp hair, it feels lovely and my hands feel really soft after I use it which is a bonus I think. You can use it on dry hair too if you have coarse or dry hair! It’s a good price point too, cheaper than Moroccan oil or It’s counterparts. It contains linseed too which is well known for its health benefits but now it has cosmetic ones too.

Well worth a go regardless or hair type or texture this will work!


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