My Clinique love affair…

I love Clinique and although I don’t use their famous three step I am still a huge fan of their products. Summers here so I will revert to using their CC cream everyday instead of foundation and then I’ve made a new discovery !

Moisture surge intense mask! Use it a few times a week over your night cream and say hello to hydrated, supple skin. It’s really low maintenance in terms of use. You cleanse your skin as normal in the morning. The moisture surge range is perfect for thirsty dehydrated skin. It comes in a moisturiser and an intense moisturiser as well as a tinted one.


I love that you can incorporate it into your skin care routine without adjusting your regular routine. If you have oily skin to be honest I think this product is probably out, but if you have acne and are prone to dryness or bits of flakiness then this product will suit you perfectly. Here is a rather fetching photo of me wearing the mask!


Currently I’m trialling their serum too. I suffer with awful pigmentation and this gets worse in the summer. I’ve just started using this one morning and evening and I love the silky texture. It’s easily absorbed into the skin and it’s a diddle to put on. You just apply under your regular cream! It’s really important that for this product to work that you wear a high SPF every day. That’s why I use either the CC cream by Clinique or the Estée Lauder Double Wear BB cream, the reason I alternate is because they are different colours, one for use with tan the other when I’m pasty.

The glow from the CC cream is really pretty. It’s nice as a day time foundation alternative and is super for covering redness. Factor 30 to
Boot! #winnning.


Stay beautiful x

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