Shiseido Sun foundation – New

I recently wrote in the Cork Independent about The hazards of the sun. There are over 10,000 cases of melanoma each year in Ireland and using a good SPF is essential. Not only will it help to reduce your risk of getting skin cancer it will also help to slow down the ageing process. The first product I’m going to talk about is Shiseidos sun liquid foundation.


It’s a factor 30, water and sweat resistant foundation with a build-able medium to full coverage. It leaves a nice finish that’s slightly lustrous in appearance , great for all ages. It comes now in 3 colours , medium ivory, medium beige and dark ivory. It’s predecessor came in colours that were numbers, so 50,60,70.

So an SPF 30, with colour that stays on. This is my preference for the very warm days here and abroad over a BB cream, why? The staying power. I find the BBs and CCs great for a work day but if I’m sitting out in the sun for a day? Give me this little blue bottle. I took the older formula on Holiday last year and found it to be brilliant! The colour I use is dark ivory, primarily because I wear fake tan in the summer. I apply with a brush , you need to shake the bottle before you use it. Here’s a pic of what it looks like.



Take heed that you can wear it at night too, you will need a good cleanser to remove, as with all good quality SPFs. Cleansing wipes will not do. Also because of the high SPF I’d advise using a little bronzer over it if you are a photo taker … This isn’t a negative it just shows the SPF is working, it causes a bounce back sometimes on the flash of a camera. However not here in daylight


For the oilier gals it also comes in a powder compact. Suitable for use alone like a mineral powder it’s a favourite I know of Laura Bermingham and let’s face it, she’s pretty amazing. Must admit to preferring the liquid version but only because I’ve got dry skin.


I have a friend that wears this all year round because her skin is oily and she works in a huge building where there are a lot of windows, she likes to feel protected, all day.

So that’s the first of many sun Products that I will be chatting about for summer. The retail price of these is €39. They’ve been featuring a lot in magazines and press lately… Always a good sign. It ticks all of my boxes for a foundation and the bottle will last you a good while .

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