Shiseido -lovely look for a fresh faced look


You may have remembered me saying that I had been at a press launch a while back for Shiseido and afterwards I got these goodies delivered, so was keen to give them a shot. Firstly let me say the base is a BB cream by Shiseido that I got in a sample format ages ago, had tried but it was slightly too dark. Roll on a few good days and mucho freckles and we are in business.

The contour pallet is lovely, it looked kinda diddly to use and I was worried that I could end up like a stripey face, not the case because it comes with a dinky, nifty brush to apply. There is a bronze colour which you use for contouring. I like that there’s a slight bronze hue to it because it means it doesn’t look mucky or like badly blended foundation which can be the case.

Next is a blush which is a subtle pink and finally the highlighter which is a champagne colour. They glide on so easily and are really very versatile, if using them individually scares you you can move a bigger brush around the three to add a flash of colour.

Sheer zone eye corrector I had bought prior to this and it has replaced Estée Lauder ideal light as my fave for the under eye. There is coverage with just the right amount if light reflection to make it work. I use a little on my forehead too, this gives me a perfect highlight scenario with cream which photographs beautifully.

Lastly to pack in my bag for my holidays is the RS306, a handy deep pink that looks polished and is really hydrating on your lips.

All in all good value, lips €25, eye €30 and contour €39. Here’s the result from my Instagram.

I like the idea of the contour kit for holidays as it really versatile.


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