What I wore.. A kimono and some jeans.

It’s taken me a while to write this blog because I still bare the scars from the wedges that I wore that night. The strap broke and I took a spectacular fall. Anyway without further a do I bring you first the outfit post


That’s me in the blue and white… The full bodied gal with the prosecco.

I got the kimono in Florence and Fred in tesco for €20. The top underneath in new look for €20 and the demons were ones I’d blogged about already from Littlewoods.


My fragrance of choice was Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford.

My eyes I used Amber lights by Mac, in the socket line some foile and dazzle light in the tear duct. My liner was my trustee Shiseido liquid and my lashes were coated first with Magnifibres. Then Sumptous extreme mascara. The magnifibres are fab to build volume and are great for those allergic to lash glue that you need with fakes.


The whole over all look
Was built from double wear light in number 3, and Shiseido sheer and perfect and the cheeks for colour correction and dewy coverage on my redness . I also pulled out all the stops with a Shiseido sheer zone eye corrector in number 103.


The blush is margin by mac and the highlighter is soft and gentle by mac, a bit sparkly but pretty. Costa Chic is the coral lipstick I wore over it xxxxx

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