Inglot the perfect eye and lip primers

A recent ingot master class saw my slight obsession with their products reignited. I’m a girl of simple means. Pop me a product that works in practical packaging and I’m made up. That’s what Inglot is. For those of you that haven’t heard of the brand, it’s a Polish pro, hard working brand. It’s come to Ireland,mis run and distributed throughout Ireland from the Midlands. The theory behind it is this: pro products at affordable prices. So with that in mind here I am road testing two of their products, the eye primer and the lip pencil. The lip pencil is my new fave lip primer so it’s a double jobber.


Here is the eye primer, my lids are sallow in colour compared to my face as you can see. The creamy consistency means you don’t drag your lid, I applied it on me with my finger. You should really apply it with a brush, but I liked the texture, and wanted to see how it spread ( like a dream), there was no pulling or discomfort, it glided on. It made my eyeshadow stay perfect all day.


Next up is the neutral lip pencil, quite matte in texture, anyone with dry lips would need to be using carmex to use this. It had a chubby tip with makes lining actually better, how? Well you can line the lips , without having that definite line outside. It also makes using the liner to fill in the rest of the lips easy. It’s a hero product, available in loads of shades. I’ve used it above under the Rimmel lipstick. Unfortunately my lips are tiny so I had to pout, which is rather unbecoming but that’s the life of a blogga!


And that is how happy it makes me. You can order these from Inglot in The Crescent Shopping centre, Limerick, ask for Lisa or
Lizann-061-229575. More Inglot reviews to come


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