June Favourites

So June was a good month for products. I found a few lovely products and rediscovered some faves of old.

So without further ado allow me to show you the faves…


Clarins Multi Active Day cream

At €52.50 this is in the mid price range for a moisturiser for someone in their 30’s. The gel like texture is easily absorbed and combats fine lines and wrinkles over time. The cream itself is easily absorbed and a good base for make up. It’s perfect for those that want anti Ageing , without a rich cream. It smells fabulous as do all Clarins products and I will definitely be repurchasing. I managed to get a set on sake too which had other bits in it. They were nice but samples sometimes aren’t enough I think to make a full decision on them.


Next up is the This works no wrinkles eye cream. I used a jar of this recently and just repurchased for summer. My normal eye cream had run out and I was kinda financially stretched so opted for this one instead, it work out at around €60, as opposed to €130 for my regular one.

I love the texture of this one. It’s cooling and hydrating and the cream itself is kinda lavender in colour. I might be imagining things but I’m almost certain that it highlights the eye contour area. It has my magic hyalronic acid in it too to keep my eyes plump.

Also featured in the pic is a gift if a lovely nail polish by Nails inc called Shoreditch. Not only do I love the colour but I have a love friend Anna who lives in Shoreditch so it reminds me of her.


I’m a bit obsessed by my eyes so my last favourite for June is the Sheer zone eye corrector by Shiseido. Light and containing the magic formula of just the right amount of light to avoid the reverse Panda look, and just the right amount of coverage to hide my dark circles ( too much work), it blends perfectly. I needed two colours , one for day and one for night and magically enough it does not sit in my lines! Which is no harm. It’s lasting me ages too. I don’t use the brush on it to apply it. Just my ring finger and a concealer brush to blend it out.

What were your faves??? Xxxxx

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