Botox- My experience.

First off I would like to say that I gave Botox some serious consideration before I attempted it. I did not get it lightly and I am not for one moment suggesting that it should be taken as such. I will however take you through my journey with Botox so far and It has been quite the journey I have to say….

Two or three years ago I really didn’t really know that many people with Botox. I could certainly recognise bad Botox, and could see where people had got it so wrong. Botox is not by any means a solution to changing your looks, you should still, look like you, only fresher,a better less tired version of yourself. Your whole forehead should not be frozen, you should still have expression and your eyebrows should be level. You should not have what I call the Botox horn, nor should you look permanently surprised. So with the fun stuff out of the way we can get down to business. Kathryn Revell was my clinic of choice, because I knew Kathryn on a professional level and had done my research on her clinic. You all may remember when I blogged a while back about seeing a peel being done, and this was the same clinic. So first up what is the difference between a clinic and a salon?

A clinic is somewhere you go to be treated by medical professionals. Kathryn is a nurse by profession and her Botox consultant is Dr Jenny Lynch, a consultant plastic surgeon. Botox is a medical procedure, that is why the laws changed in recent years, and now only Doctors and Dentists can carry it out. Rightly so, in recent years we have seen too many stories of botched jobs or Botox where there was no traceability. Scurrilous practitioners have been taken to task for not utilising the correct procedure for bringing Botox into the country and indeed a recent TV show scared us all off these injectors. I did my research on Jenny and Kathryn before committing to trying this. I knew Kathryn from visiting the clinic previously and Jenny’s credentials are well documented.

Let’s talk about me. Closer to 40 than 30, not hugely wrinkled or lined, non-smoker, healthy, a drinker but not so much that it affects my skin. Genetically pretty ok, all of my siblings look younger than they are. I reckon I look around mid-30s. I carry weight and have a round face. All, of these factors are ones to consider. Am I obsessed by my looks? Obviously not, if I were I would tackle my tummy and other areas that I am unhappy about. Do I have a hectic lifestyle? Absolutely, so why Botox?. It is the latter part the hectic lifestyle that pushed me towards trying it. I am high energy; I am passionate about good skincare and have always looked after my skin. I felt though that I could do with looking fresher.

Anyway with that in mind I decided to have my frown lines done. Frown lines, or glabellar lines, are vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows. These wrinkles can appear over time from the effects of age, sun exposure and habitual frowning, whether while awake or during sleep. They are affectionately known as your 11’s. No amount of cream will fade these and if like me you are both dramatic and funny you will understand what I am talking about. My 11’s were pronounced enough and I noticed them more when I was wearing make-up. My skin is combination and even though my T-Zone is oily my frowns were visible.

Jenny didn’t beat around the bush, she said that she could see the lines but they weren’t too bad. Full marks, no pressure here to have it done. Could she give me a Botox Bra? As in lift and separate my brows to make my 11’s less visible? Yes! Well that was all I needed to know. I took some before and after pictures myself to show you all the effects. I had my treatment done in May and purposely waited to see the results. I still have all of my expression I just don’t look tired anymore.

The actual treatment itself didn’t hurt, a tiny oinch and I returned to work. I had no bruising and some slight swelling the day after. This is why I would pay to have proper Botox done. The downtime is zero and the clinic immaculate. My friend came with me to see how it was done (she is just curious like that) and was surprised at the ease of the procedure. I never thought I would be a Botox advocate but after this I must say I am.

Some of the compliments that I have got are….. Did you change your brows? Are you using different foundation? Have you started using an anti-aging serum? This to me is the sign of a good doctor and clinic. No severity or stress. I went back for my two weekly checkup and everything is fine. Working in the job I do I get a lot of questions about injectables and to be honest I must say that now I can answer them honestly and effectively.

More info here:



So above is the before and here is the after … In the one where I look slightly crazy I’m trying to frown. I still have movement but no lines! Yay!




Overall six weeks on I’m delighted with the progress. To book with Dr Jenny call Kathryn on 021 48066720

One thought on “Botox

  1. I recently met a GP who has a cosmetic practice also and uses botox. All I thought was how young and fresh she looked. Her face wasn’t frozen or anything. So after meeting her and reading your post I certainly wouldn’t rule botox out when I hit my thirties! *coughs*


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