Festival Fare – How to make sure you don’t sweat it

Festivals are great fun but can play havoc with your beauty routine, so take these steps and use the best products to ensure that you look your best while you frolic with your pals.

First up space is at a premium whether you are camping or glamping so you need to take compact products that serve more than one purpose. Vaseline is a great lip conditioner and can work well on sore feet if the wellies are a bit uncomfortable. Buy mini deodorants, toothpaste and mouthwash.

Let’s talk tan, a spray tan or one that lasts a few days is best as instant will just run if it rains or you work up a sweat. I love He-Shi Express liquid tan as it has and easy colour guide and will last. A small bottle of hand sanitising gel that can fit in your pocket is a handy investment. For your hair try using Batiste dry shampoo to remove oil from the roots, if you can’t wash your hair, this really is the best dry shampoo on the market. Instead of hairspray I use Joico Humidity blocker, which will stop the “Diana Ross hair” but combs out easily. Protect your body with an SPF; this will avoid any sunburn, even if it is cloudy . Apply a once a day one like P20, a classic but a good one.

Garnier Miscellar water removes make up and eye, make up and is perfect for cleansing the skin and neck without leaving any oily residue. It requires no rinsing and is therefore perfect for an easy clean. I use this also if I am heading out after a day’s work and need to cleanse and reapply make up. This Works: in Transit Camera Close up: A portable pick-me-up that evens, plumps and brightens instantly, it is a mask, moisturizer and primer in one. Rapidly erases signs of fatigue, boosts hydration, and preps the skin for photo perfect make-up. There is no SPF in this one so choose a foundation that is sweat resistant and contains an SPF of 30, Shiseido have it covered with their sun foundation, apply it with the sponge provided for easy protection that is tinted. Remember that the portaloo’s normally have no mirrors so opt for a cream blush like Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge; this can be put on the lips and cheeks so it is great for a glow. My favourite colour for summer is Calypso Coral. It is super easy to blend. Slick on some Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in waterproof on the eyes, Chubby Stick in a bold colour by Clinique will see your eyes looking funky, and these little pencils have super staying power. Massive Midnight is bang on trendy for the moody blues but try lots of latte if you want to play it safe.

A few simple steps but you will thank me if you end up tagged on Facebook or YouTube.




Originally published in the Cork Independent July 2014







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