Bareskin By Bare Minerals

Are you seeking skin perfection? Are you looking for a product that will help your skin as well as cover up your past mistakes? Step into a make up by Bare Minerals that is not a powder. Let start by talking about what it doesn’t have. Chemical SPF, Silicone, Oil, Water, Fragrance, Parabens and Water. It contains Jojoba, vitamin c and lilac plant stem cells to brighten and even tone. Here comes the science bit….it contains sodium hyalurenate which is a moisture magnet and so it suits all skin types. The main benefit that I see is that it isn’t a powder. Personally I find powder foundations can show up the downy hair on your face so I tend to avoid them.

 When I tried it I was impressed by two things first the brush. A reservoir which holds the foundation close to the surface for easy application, and a synthetic densely packed brush. Second up the lightweight feel yet good coverage.


More to come on this when I get to buy it and not just use a sample. It launches on Thursday.

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