July Faves… Where did that month go Darling ?


I’m a sucker for a good smelling man so when I caught a whiff of this Lacoste Live I was kinda of smitten. Always fresh Lacoste fragrances to me remind me of summer. Fresh and totally energising the top note smells citrusy but not synthetically so which is great. The base note in this is woody which is really important if you’re doing fresh in the top. It’s what holds it together. There was a distinct smell I couldn’t identify and then it hit me. Liquorice. It’s those deeper notes that make it masculine and kind of sexy.

So every fragrance has a female counterpart and I nearly went off in a weakness when I smelt this


Now before you all think I’m about to pull up and slip into a Lacoste vest shoes and handbag I should say that it’s entirely coincidental that I love these two fragrances. The top note of black currant is fruity and not too sweet which I love. I think it’s the pink pepper that makes the difference here. This is a gourmand fragrance I think, because the base contains a nougatine note with amber which makes this fragrance warm and reminiscent of an Arabian night. I know sounds a bit deep but it’s a glamorous and amourous fragrance.

Stepping away from the fragrance…..



The old faithful Sally Hansen pulled me out of a tan malfunction for a wedding last week. As usual I was busy and had a tragic tan incident on Wednesday and was headed to a wedding Thursday. Emma suggested Sally and I’m convert red more than ever also someone spilt some water on my leg and it didn’t streak! Hooray!
€6ish in Penneys at the moment

Hers a pick of my favourite lipstick for the month Shiseido RS452, as well as a shameless selfie.


So there you go…… July faves xxxxx

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