Loreal I love you

My growing of my hair is at this stage well documented. My social life dictates a lot of curling straightening and blow drying. Also my highlights. I should be called fifty shades of blonde as over the years I’ve been that. Lighter ,darker ,more ash , less ash so I’ve always mistreated my hair but on the other side I always use good product.

I also have a fab hairdressing team ( Sabby and Tara) that look after me well. Anyway I was in Salon Services last week and picked me up some of these bad boys!
The shampoo is for highlighted hair the conditioner for damaged hair And mine is both I gotta say…. So here goes.



They both smell great and performance wise my hair is looking good ( apart from my 12 weeks of rootage.. That’s another story).

The treatment is too heavy for everyday but great to use three times per week . There is some magical reason behind why it works but I will spare you the deets this time. My hair felt strong, not overtreated and the effect lasted for a few washes which is compulsory when you are taking treatments. They work out cheap enough price wise too if you take I to account the size of the bottles and that is without a trade discount.

The staff in Sally’s are really nice too. They offer advice and are never pushy but I find that is the case in most salon suppliers. Although they are mainly business to business selling the retail side is great too.


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