Coconut Oil.. Beauty in your storecupboard

Coconut Oil- Cheap and effective

Coconut oil has for the last number of years been hailed as a super food but did you know that it has uses in the beauty world too? Now before you start dumping your creams and shower gels I must warn you that it doesn’t help to firm or contain major anti-aging but have a read of the uses below. It is also deemed to have anti-bacterial properties with some folk using it to brush their teeth.

As a hair mask – Warm the solid oil onto the palms of your hand and apply to the mid length and ends of the hair. You can leave it over night or rinse after an hour. Its strength is amplified if you wrap the hair in cling film for a quicker absorption. Apply it to damp hair. You can use a tiny amount warmed in the palms to act as a hair serum.

To help eliminate dandruff or build-up of scales from Psoriasis

As a cleanser, and eye make-up remover, as a hand cream or a cleanser, It works through long wear make up a treat. Not suitable for oily skin though.

For cradle cap, use neat, or mixed with apple cider vinegar to get rid of head lice.

You can mix equal parts with sugar for a yummy smelling body scrub, add a drop of vanilla essence for a yummy fragrance just be careful in the shower as it can be slippery afterwards.

As a massage oil or rich body lotion. Add a few drops of essential oil to make it more scented

To shave your legs, use in place of shaving foam.

So there you have it ladies and gents!


 Originallly published in The Cork Independent 2014

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