What’s in my bag?

So with my recent appointment as Hi Beauty Editor I am getting a lot of questions about what’s in my make up bag. At the moment I’m trying the YSL Le Teint Encre de Peau or Fuzion Ink. So this promises velvet like skin combined with long wear. I’m lucky in that I got to try it in the height of summer, this is the most testing time for any formula. Did it pass? it didn’t slide off my face but definitely stayed better than others. Take the temperature down a few degrees and it’s my new fave. My colour is B40.

It’s quite liquid in texture, but this is all the better to build it with my dear.. It dries to a beautiful velvet finish and there’s no need fir tonnes of powder. It lasts very well, it’s not quite 12 hour but will definitely do you for the work day, you can reapply with no tide lines. My top tip for this foundation is to apply it using a brush with a densely packed head. Your flat faced one will not do it justice. A good brush to buff with is the Shiseido perfect foundation brush. Synthetic and with a good combination of bristles it makes applying it fairly effortless. I pulled a picture from the internet as my own is actually in my brush belt. And quite well worn which is a good sign obviously.


Next up is Coppertone blush by MAC. It’s a matte bronzey like colour that works well for a vintage look.it’s good for me I tend to have pores so glitter or shimmer jousts acts as a waving beacon to small particles.

Estée Lauder BB under eye concealer in 1C is great for dark circles. Great coverage too. And finally my drug store hero a neutral pink Bourjois eyeshadow with a smidgen of glitter. Perfect for a little bit of glam. Great for an evening out too. Bourjois is actually one of my favourite brands it’s so glam and hard working. The blushes are too cute also.

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