Hello September

Styling and profiling is what the Autumn is all about and I love the arrival of winter on the fashion floor. Zips, Big Coats, as in oversized and crazy patterns are all what fashion is about for AW14/15. What are the investment pieces for your make up though? Well good skin, dramatic eyes and light and shade are all on trend. Keeping the brows and nails groomed are also a big part of what we can look forward to. Obviously the party season will do red … But the lips are nude as can be I’m afraid in general.

Contouring is big business again but maybe just use your bronzer to do this. Avoid glitter, keep it nice and matte and apply it lightly and build it. Nobody likes a bruised looking cheek for their troubles and sometimes of applied too heavily this is what you will achieve.


Liquid liner is also in fashion primarily because of the popularity of lashes. Liquid is easier than gel if you are a novice. I love this one for under a tenner .. Rimmel Exaggerate.


If you are using liner on your lips keep it nice and close to the lip colour and avoid the mistakes made by this unfortunate. I love No. 7 lip liners because you don’t have to sharpen them at all. The nude one is perfect for Irish skin tone. Top of my nudey lipsticks has to be by Bobbi Brown the colour beige is perfect. Just the right amount of peach to take the deathly pale look off the lip.


Check out Jessicas perfect nude interlude above? Isn’t she just perfect ?

More to come on September….

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