Joan Rivers

It always happens when someone dies… The outpouring of tributes and a look back at someone’s best bits, regardless of whether we are talking celebrity or regular person. Nobody will ever say God they were a royal pain the ass or they contributed nothing to society… Well nobody except Joan Rivers. An icon to many ,her brash and bold attitude is what gave her her well deserved name in the showbiz world. Nobody was safe from her acid tongue. And who would want to be. All of the things she said were really only what others were thinking.

My personal thoughts on her was that she was an excellent comedian, however a lot of the time she went too far. Her brashness and at times utter filth would make me cringe. On fashion police I found her to have mellowed a little. She critiqued weight constantly, one of her most famous being about Adele, she tweeted, after the oscars, “you could easily pick Adele’s Statuette out of a line up, it’s the one wearing Spanx”. She got a lot of negativity about that one.


The one thing I did agree with her on was her surgery. She once said that she’d had so much plastic surgery , that when she died, they would donate her body to Tupperware. That’s pretty awesome. She wanted to always look her best and that is something sad a woman I can relate to. She wasn’t the most attractive in her youth, something I’m sure that contributed to her love of the needle and knife. Her style developed as she got older and I think she kind of grew into herself.

I loved her open and honest relationship,she had with her daughter. The love there was evident .I hope , like I do for everyone that she was happy.

Her nonchalant attitude to most things is what made her so loved to so many. She was the main lady on fashion police and most of her guests took her jibes with the good humour they were intended. Her least favourite guest of all was Tommy Lee jones who she claimed was rude… The irony alone of this is not lost on me.


I didn’t know a lot about her but I have to say was sorry when she died. The world has been left without another comedian and let’s face it , the world needs plenty of laughs….. Here are her best bits…






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