Ultimate beauty with Ultimune

I’ve always been a sucker for a good skincare product and when Japanese brand Shiseido took 25 years to bring a product to the market I was going to be intrigued. Let’s start with a brief history of the brand. Founded 142 years ago in Japan by a pharmacist, Shiseido stays true to its innovative style. They bost two research facilities at Harvard, one of Americas best loved universities.

The first product ever released by Dr Fukahara was toothpaste and the first product specifically for skin was Eudermine, houses in an ornate, red glass bottle Eudermine was a skin softener and is still available today on the domestic or Asian market. In Ireland it is now exclusive to retailer Brown Thomas. The ingredients have evolved over time but the concept remains the same.

Shiseido also formulated Bio hyaluronic Acid around 25 years ago. This product found naturally in our skin is what I describe as the little sponges that retain moisture in your skin. To be able to have this synthetically in a product is pretty amazing. They now supply over 300 cosmetic companies with this wonder product. Impressed? It is only going to get better. Enter centre stage Ultimune. another skincare first. You cannot turn on Television or indeed read a magazine without someone telling you that you need to build up your immunity. In the last twenty years food supplements, youghurt drinks and health shops are selling out of immunity boosting super foods. What if I told you that you could get something like this for your skin? Would you buy it?

The concept is simple. Your skin is made up of langerhan cells that deplete and Ultimune slows this process down. It works on building resilience and I found after three weeks that my make up looked better on. I’m a big believer in the brand, having used many of the products and worked with them. Ultimune can be used with your existing regimen. I like that as it means that if the synergy of the products is already working then you are just adding the final piece of the skin care puzzle.

The main benefit I saw personally was the improvement in texture and tone. I really believe this works very well and the immunity boosting will help in later years with ant-ageing. The smell is fresh and it glides into the skin. It’s great for menopausal women too as it’s not too greasy.


This product can also be used by men. It is a technological first for the skin and it suits bad addresses all skin needs and problems. I will keep you updated on my progress. You need one pump twice per day after you tone the skin. Then it’s the rest of your product.

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