Tough Stuff – Getting rid of manky tan since 2014


Short and sweet I will keep this post.

You will have heard me on Facebook yapping about tough stuff. This ladies is cheap as chips and really gets the manky bits left behind from a tan. It’s not too rough can be used on wet or dry skin. Using it on dry skin like all other exfoliant so with make it more effective.

It won’t tear the bejaysus out of your skin and it smells lush. A special mention as well for the fact it is PINK and is suitable for use before you tan too. It’s easy to spot residual product left in the shower which is great for the clean freaks. I know it seems minor but it just means less effort when cleaning down the bath or shower after use. It’s €5.80 and it’s available anywhere they sell cocoa brown. I acquired my bottle in Penneys. Also you can get a sachet of it for €2.50 which is perfect for travel.