Puttin on the ritz…at Ritzys

So my pre holiday deforestation is always quite an ordeal and to be honest this one was particularly bad because of the timing. I was right before my cycle, which everyone knows is the wrong time to get waxed and yet had I done it two weeks previously I would have been less than smooth jetting off on holidays. Let’s get realistic here. I’m blonde haired. Naturally fair so I don’t have massive thick hair anywhere. Years of waxing has ensured that I’m used to bring waxed and to allow you into the intimate side I wax legs underarms and bikini. I can’t have laser because the hair needs to be dark.

So that’s a background check on my visit to Ritzys on Malbrough Street. Situated in Hedcandi Hair Salon it is small but perfectly formed. They offer nails, waxing and make up application.

My list was as follows: Wax leg, underarm, bikini, brow and lip.
Gel Manicure and file and polish on the toes. I also needed a brow tint. So basically I entered the building like a hairy, ungroomed lunatic ( pre period remember) with white eyebrows ( my brows are those that are very fair).

I also needed a spray tan but obviously couldn’t have that until the following day.

I preach a lot about body confidence and I dress to the best of my ability. Nobody is ever confident showing their minky to another though for the first time so I will start with that. Hollywoods are as explained before a complete removal of all of your hair. There is not a strand left. So from
Your pubic bone to your bum cheek gets seen to. Thankfully I have no pictures of this :). I never find them to be very painful but Katie did a great job. She wears gloves for the intimate area which I find so important. I prefer when a therapist uses gloves when doing my bikini. It might be more fiddly but it just makes me more relaxed. The job took less time that a coffee and croissant and to be honest Katie talks a mile a minute and so do I so it was all over and we were ready to do my legs.

The rest of the waxing was done with ease and with not a single ingrown hair. I’m writing this blog post two weeks post holiday because I always feel that the initial wax is important however it’s the ingrown hairs that are the real indicator. I had no bruising or tenderness either. The bikini area will be slightly tender always for an hour or two. I can live with that as it’s not uncomfortable. It was perfect.

The brows were perfect… See below


And lastly the nails. I opted for a gel polish in Magenta on my finger and two weeks later it’s perfect still. Look. Even my cuticles are still fab. I’ve been using oil on them too.


So Katie is available by appointment and does a late night on request. I got all of the above done on a Thursday after work. So Friday after work I went and got my spray tan. You all know how I feel about California tan. This is the product Ritzy use. It came out even, and was perfect for the first few days of holiday. I never expose my skin to the sun. So you know the girl by the pool in the sun hat and kaftan under the brolly in factor 50? That’s me.

Overall I can say that Katie is not I my a great beauty therapist but also and amazing girl. I laughed my way through the waxing and she has years of experience in beauty therapy.

On a side note my colleague went down on the Friday at lunch and had her bikini done and said the same. Fast, low pain and a lovely therapist. Isn’t that all we all want?

Thanks to Katie at Ritzys and I will see you in a few weeks.

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