Kopper – the long haired journey

Kopper hair in Glanmire is my go to place for my blonde hair. Years of struggling with yellow, bad hair cuts, good hair cuts, short cuts and platinum I got my first seeing to in Kopper almost a year ago. I never could grow my hair beyond shoulder length. It was over processed and dyed to death. Just to show you where I started have a look.


That was the first before and after shot. From yellow to creamy blonde. My own hair is quite ash based I think. I remember someone telling me before that I had an ash flat dark blonde base. How I ended up yellow is anyone’s guess. My aversion to yellow hair comes from the fact I’ve quite high colouring so I need to tone it down a little. I also am
A fan of the tan so that’s another reason I like to not have warm hair.

So that November day I learned quite a lot from Sabrina. And my hair was transformed. Wanting to grow my hair while maintaining condition was going to be a challenge. But As they say … Game on.

Ten months later, lowlights, HiLights and some pretty good products ( I have reviewed them all at some stage) and I’m pretty happy. I just got a restyle which includes a fringe …. I did need to tone it down to make it blonder again if that makes sense. I didn’t have as many lowlights this time though so I’m back a nice bright blonde. I just get highlights , no base breaker or colour on my roots bar the foils. I needed to have it more layered too because I have to wear it up for work.


I also have little styling product on the above picture as I was also getting fitted for Hair Extensions! Just the clip in ones. I need them for a particular style I’m going for which involves volume. I needed to have them matched to my own colour though first. Here’s a tip for extensions.. Get them cut and coloured by your hairdresser and get real hair. You can style that far easier.

All in all from a customer service perspective Kopper is pretty amazing. Sabrina is super talented and knows hair like nobody I’ve ever met. The salon is pretty busy … So if you want a Christmas colour I think now is a good time to book xxxxx and yes they are winners of the coveted U Magazine award! Amazing.

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