A Declare… Of love


I love clean skin, there I said it. Years of listening to my mum saying ” clean that muck off yer face I don’t want the pillowcases getting dirty” kinda stuck. If cleanliness is next to Godliness then this Declare Gentle Cleansing milk is heavenly.

First up a 400ml which is practically salon size, most cleansers come in 150ml or 200ml as standard.Next up ,suitable for all skin types and especially formulated for sensitive skin types this cleanser is light and works to effortlessly de-gunk your skin. I’ve been using it for three weeks and have been thrilled with it’s de-mucking skills. You can tissue it off or take it off with damp cotton. I also hopped into the shower and just showered it off.

Last up I have to mention the handy pump. Very nifty. I prefer a pump cleanser where possible faster and less mess. Available in selected pharmacies for under €20.