Red heads I’ve found your holy grail brow pencil

NYX is a brand I’m not overly familiar with yet. I say that because you couldn’t really get it anywhere in Cork until recently. Now several pharmacies as well as the Salon Shop have taken it on and it’s more readily available.

Anyway the lovely folks at NYX sent me on these products to try and I must say I love them. First off let me chat about the light brown eye pencil. Normally that’s the colour I would go for ,being blonde but liking my definition. This brown has a slight warm undertone to it so I just pity some on in this pic to show you… It’s not applied expertly by any means, this is because the pigment is so good that you may not see the contrast. It’s perfect for red heads though.

The dark pencil is great for brunettes but was slightly too dark for me. I will be using it on my brown haired beautiful clients for sure. It is an automatic pencil which is perfect for applying but you definitely need the brush to blend it out. It softens the look.


Next up the brow pallet. These come in two shades in the pallet and this is brilliant. I use the first lighter shade on the big part of my brow. The second darker shade on the thinner part. Sometimes if I’m risking I will just do the lighter. The darker colour is good for going out, a more vampy look.

The wax from these is perfect texture wise and really great for taming the crazy ones.


I love the spooly brush that comes with the NYX eyebrow cake powder. It’s perfect for getting even the scattiest of hairs.

All in all some really great products and they are so reasonable too which helps when it’s a product you will be using every day! The liners retail at €5.99 and the cakes at €7.49.

For me it’s a winner….


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