Tom Ford Nude Dip

I would just like to say that when it comes to fragrance Tom is the bomb. His Santal Blush and Neroli Portofino sit proudly on my bathroom shelf. His make up I’ve dabbled in and really if I’m being honest I had to blog about his latest one..

Nude Dip is a quad with the most divinely packaged eyeshadow ever. The price may put you off however the shadows themselves are all quite big and all very useable either alone or all four together



Never a one for taking it lightly I hopped in with both feet to use them all. They are quite pigmented and the payoff is good. I do however think it’s a good idea to do your eyes before the rest of your make up. Then you don’t need to try and fix the base if the shadow falls on it.

So the two bright colours are great for the tear duct and brow bone. The beige colour is similar to MAC naked lunch and looks great along the upper lash line too. The darker clues are brilliant for smoking out the eye. Overall the pallet is cool toned but would work on all skin tones and with all hair colours.

They lasted well even through humidity. In Ireland you can buy Tom Ford in Brown Thomas. It’s not cheap but is an investment piece if you fancy something that will look good on you and your dressing table.

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