Educogym- 12 days of delight!

So anyway I always associate 12 days with Christmas… Having returned from my holiday like a pudding I made a decision. Enough was enough! I was lethargic, windy and generally cranky. My work trousers were giving me a rather large bum and the waistband was tight. Not a good look for anyone!

I talk a lot about body confidence. It’s a love hate thing for me. I’m pretty ok in my skin but lately had really needed more energy and I was sick of covering up everything. I spent the Summer hiding in various stages of a burka and on holidays I brought twelve kaftans for a ten day holiday. My husband had a half a suitcase. My kaftans took up the rest.

I’ve tried loads of slimming clubs or slimming specialists in the past. I sat opposite a seventeen stone man who told me that my weight loss of seven pounds in a week was not enough. I did weight watchers. But you need to be in the right headspace and by God something on the flight home from holidays clicked and off to the Educogym I went.

What’s the difference between a sprinter and marathon runner? Wonder Woman and Barbie? Me today and me a month ago? Lifting weights. They help you burn fat by building muscle. I’m a straight talker. I can’t deal with bull. In my initial consultation I told Irene that I wasn’t going carb free… That’s one myth I will burst about the 12 days. It’s not carb free. It’s carb clever. There’s the difference.
The weights are tough… No doubt. Your body gets used to the ache quickly though and then ,you know that it’s working. You attend the gym everyday working on a different area, starting with legs,chest and back and arms. You’re monitored while you work out on a one to one basis. The trainers are great. They treat you like a adult and encourage you every step of the way. They push your boundaries. You love them, then you hate them. But essentially its a love relationship when your body starts toning up.

The result ? I lost 6lbs of fat, built 2 lbs of muscle and lost 8 inches off my measurements.


Two weeks on, I’ve lost a further six lbs and am not craving sugar. I’ve kept up my walking and my healthy diet. Educo was the start I needed! I’m feeling energetic happy and my trousers feel loose! There were no shakes, just sensible healthy eating with 20 minutes of weights. There’s no quick fix solution to toning up or detoxing. I found day four the hardest. I was aching and my body wanted sugar. The only thing that got me through was knowing that it was a temporary state. It gets you thinking about the long term. It sets you up for a healthy regime afterwards.


My biggest achievement was quitting diet coke. Sounds like a small thing but to me it was big. I used to drink it everyday. Diet coke is basically a chemical superstorm. I didn’t get headaches or any withdrawals but I had my very last diet coke ever the night I left my consultation,

I deliberately waited two weeks after finishing my 12 days before writing this blog post. I knew that people potentially would question did I put the weight back on once I started eating ” normally” again. I have news for you guys the Educogym is normal eating. Clean unprocessed foods. Ok there are certain things you can’t have like cream and mayonnaise but let’s face it… Those are heart cloggers anyway.

Would I say to try it? Yes absolutely! It’s a twelve day kick in the arse! And with great results




Just so you can see what I was eating! Clean healthy and yummy.


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