Intimately Speaking

Intimately speaking.

On a recent bus ride I was reading some emails and I Could hear two gals behind me discussing their impending holidays and the torture they had to endure prior to take off due to what I will call “pubic topiary”.I stifled a giggle but thought It would be worth writing about as they subsequently started googling styles for the southern region.

With the subject of intimate waxing becoming less taboo more and more men and women are opting for a professional salon like finish. Being presented first time with a price list from a salon you might be forgiven for thinking that you were perusing a holiday brochure. With Hollywood’s, Brazilians and Californians are becoming mainstream the actual names are a little perplexing so let’s get down to some jargon busting :

For ladies:

Standard Bikini Line: As far as a Normal Panty Line to the front.

High Leg Bikini: As far as a High Panty Line to the front and underneath.

Californian: Thong Shaped to the front and “Close Cropped” underneath.

Brazilian: “All Off” with the exception of a “Landing Strip” to the front.

Hollywood: “All Off”

All good salons will require you to have a patch test at least 24 hours before if it is your first visit for waxing, Next up is tinting of the bikini area, not all salons offer this but it is becoming increasingly popular as well as vajazzling, which is the addition of jewels to the panty line area at the front. You can have your bust area waxed also as well as your lip chin and sides of face. Facially on a personal level I prefer to have my brows and lip threaded although slightly more painful the results are better on my blonde hair.

Personally I get all my waxine done with Katie Higgns in Ritzys in Malborough street. It is dignified and she wears gloves something that I find a must when getting my bikini area tended to. There is no up on all fours or legs over the head too which can be wholly undignified if you will pardon the pun. I will spare you the exact details of my personal bikini area, however I will divulge that since awitching to Katie I have not had an ingrown hair.

For gents:

Brazilian: This treatment removes hair from the groin, scrotum and bum. All the pubic hair can be removed or a landing strip can be left if desired.

Chest Wax: Chest hair removed. Affectionately referred to as the “He-vage” area

Facial Hair: You can have your neck, ears brows or nasal areas waxed.

Not all salons offer these services to men so it might be best to call the salon and see if they do “manscaping”.


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