I better shape up

Two weeks since I published my molar pregnancy story and, the interest , sharing and general good vibes afterwards were pretty mind blowing. The amount of emails ,calls texts and general feedback I got was surreal. The story of our journey was one, that was hard to tell. But the aftermath of sharing has certainly made it worthwhile. I had no idea that it would touch people the way it did. My work colleagues have just been amazing as have my family and friends. I was featured on The Irish Independent, even reached as far as The Herald in Dublin. I’ve been on radio numerous times. Telling the story became easier every time I did.

I touched on a new journey in recent weeks and that is ; getting myself fitter and healthier. I am just staring out on this one. I’ve let myself go over the last number of years in terms of fitness but you know what? I’m back on the wagon. I’ve swapped hangovers for healthy eating and mentally I am feeling superb. In seven weeks I’ve completed a twelve day Educogym programme , started Wogging, and lost a pretty staggering 20lbs, I just cut up and dumped my ” fat pants”. I don’t mean this in any disparaging way, but it reminds me of the weight I put on, from my pregnancy and the subsequent emotional eating that came with it. I’m down 1.5 dress sizes too which means I’ve got a whole new wardrobe.. The clothes that haven’t fitted me for a few years.


I wore a skirt yesterday that I hadn’t work in years. I got lot of nice comments from everyone in work and I think the eight week mark has just hit home. I don’t think I will ever be very thin. There’s nothing wrong with being fat or thin. This whole thing is a journey for me. Breaking unhealthy, bad habits that linked my heart to my appetite.


That’s not me anymore though. I feel in fighting form. I’ve a long way to go in terms of getting fit, I’m running a bit now on my daily walk. I’m feeling encouraged and ready for anything. The next chapter of my life is starting and you know what ? It’s so exciting.
Here’s to my next blog post on getting fitter. Hot and healthy that’s what I’m aiming for!

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