NYC BB cream

I’m a medium coverage kind of girl. Everything I do in life is kinda medium, my steak, my foundation and hopefully soon my sweatshirts. When budget Brand NYC sent me this BB I was intrigued. First off on my day off I will always just wear something like a BB or CC cream. Fast easy to apply and cheap and cheerful.


It’s so smooth and creamy and really easy to apply. The coverage is build able on it and I think it does a good job on pores. The fact that it’s a matte finish is great . It means that it will last. Here it is on its own with some mascara.

I was out last night And so I’m not exactly the best canvas however the medium tone is perfect for me.


Here I am with some blush lippy and my glasses. It’s lasted well, still perfect having been applied at 9am. No touch up required. It comes in a lighter shade as well.

Happy Thursday! Xxxxx it’s almost the weekend guys. Stay beautiful


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