Back to basics-eyes

Everyone asks me what are my favourite products and as a writer of all things beauty these change hourly. However there are some staples that I stick to for basic looks. Enter MAC eyeshadow. If there are four colours I love here they are in all of their glory.


The dark brown is a matte one called Swiss Chocolate. The orangey-brown (uh-mazing for blue eyes) is matte and called texture. The white is calls Orb and the other All that Glitters.



Have a look above and see how they look in natural and artificial light. They are well blended with some Rimmel Exaggerate liner and lashes. A good day or evening look. As this is just a quick lunch time blog the images aren’t filtered or particularly amazing.


This is the overall make up look. My job dictates that I wear full make up every day. I do avoid liner in the waterline and try to avoid using the same foundation etc do that I can look different at night.

The beauty of the MAC small pallet is that it’s interchangeable and really portable so you can bring it to work to vamp up if you are going somewhere afterwards.

I must apologise for the scaldy selfie, I am like a mad woman but hey ho that’s the look of the day.

Today’s top tip is ….. Blend is your friend xxxx

Stay beautiful guys x

PS getting my brows done after work so that’s why they look fluffy and unkempt.

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