Getting your glow on

As somebody with several jobs and interests not to mention a love of late nights and a necessity for early mornings I sometimes feel a little bit dull. Sparkle as u may with personality my skin sometimes looks a bit meh. Most especially when I wear a long wear foundation . So how to you achieve a radiant look for the old selfie I hear you shout?



Have a look at these two pics above , one taken in lampshade lighting the other in snapchat. This is all product folks, I had finished a long days work and just topped up my make up. What has you looking like a disco ball I hear you shout? MAC Soft and Gentle highlighter.

So anyway here it is in all its glory 😉

The crack is optional .


PS I will let you all know when I master the art of a non awkward selfie. I’m working on it. No filters used but the old front facing camera ain’t flawless.

Stay beautiful and get yer glow on