Eyebrows … Katie does the job

Loathe to admit being being so fickle but on a day that my brows aren’t right I feel like a failure as a beauty guru. Shaping your face they keep you pretty and in order. Groomed brows are the bomb! All of the great starlets from Monroe to Bacall got their brows right. We see Reece and Cameron now sporting brows of distinction. No brow post is complete without mentioning Cara.

So off I went to get my fluffy brows in order last week. They hadn’t seen a wax pot since early December and holy mother of god they were blonder than my hair. Enter Katie Of VPlus model fame ( I just like that my therapist is also a model so I throw that in) and voila bye bye fluffy hello FOXY!


Ok so maybe not foxy but certainly with eyebrows that look good.


Once again I take an awkward pouty selfie but sure what harm. I’m only damaging my own reputation as a happy gal.

Also I got my nails done. Bye bye Christmas red hello Marsala voted the colour of 2015! Where would you be going.



There I am with the woman herself.

Stay beautiful and for the love of God take My mothers advice… Let someone else do your brows.

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