Isa Dora flashing volume

I love a good mascara and when I find one I tend to repurchase. Enter Isa Dora Flashing volume. I wear lashes regularly and so going lash free for me is a day off look but I never go mascara free.



I won’t lie my lashes are neither sparse nor short but they do take a battering from
The constant lash glue application. The little brush in this mascara is small and so you really grab each tiny hair. It coats them with enough product that you only really need the second coat if you want vava voom. Obviously in the above photo I’m wearing a tracksuit ( I was on the way for a walk) so I wasn’t going to indulge in full liner etc. it’s good though because you are seeing only the mascara at work.

To see how it works with fake lashes and liner


The sign of a good mascara is when you need a proper eye make up remover or cleansing oil to remove it and this is the case with this. It won’t make your lashes brittle or light. Praise the Lord!

So I’m back from my walk and it hasn’t budged. Delighted with it and I’ve been using it since December and there’s lots left. It hasn’t gone cakey or dried out. You can still hear her the little squelchy sound!

Available in all good pharmacies.


And here’s the little brush


So another day another selfie! Excuse the roots but it’s been a busy few weeks.
Stay beautiful xxxx

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