Waxperts Beautiful Oil

Never a one to do a half assed job of a review unless it’s a film I was delighted to try this oil from Waxperts. Now these lovely folks bring us wax and ingrown hair pads and so I was expecting great things from the oil. Generally I feel Waxperts products are practical and kind of fab.

Oils are all the craze lately from cleansing to fast absorbing so I was cock-a-hoop to be asked to trial this little baby.


Packed in a handy little pump dispenser that doesn’t clog it smells like Lavender. It’s a fast drying oil that’s super hydrating and not sticky.

I tried it post bath and then booked in for the real test. The waxing. I used it two days prior to waxing. Off I went to have my waxing done and after I showered i slathered it on my legs and arms and I must say my skin feels incredible. Fresh hydrated and it didn’t make my hosiery stick when i was putting it on. It didn’t stain my bed linen and the smooth hydrated feeling lasted all day. I think it actually might just be my new fave product.

I will spare you all the pictures of my oiled up legs. Ain’t nobody got the time for that. Also if you look behind the label you see a pin-up Waxperts gal doing a peek-a-boo.

Available from 1st February.

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