Day to night… A little help from your friend

One of the most frequent things I hear is you’ve a great social life. I do. I’m lucky enough to have lots of friends and get to hang out with them a lot. So being a social butterfly means that I have a lot of going out from work. So how to I switch my look to make me going out appropriate?

Here’s a few little tips! It’s one of the FAQs.

When you’re hitting the town post work, skip the long wear foundation, opt instead for a BB or lighter coverage foundation. In the picture I’m wearing Sheer and Perfect by Shiseido, this colour corrects and give an even glowy appearance. It’s age appropriate for everyone. The trick is to apply it with a brush. The Shiseido foundation brush is perfect for this as its bristles are densely packed. Go for a good eyeshadow keep it neutral and the ones I used are by Mac, they are the ones I blogged about previously.
Lip colour is RS 322 by Shiseido.

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At night you can afford to go heavier on the foundation, I reapplied double wear over my cheeks nose and chin to make the look more matte. I was headed for dinner so wanted to ensure the overall look lasted. I also applied Smooch Proof by NYC lip stain. This is great if you’re eating out as its budge proof. A little more shadow and the addition of some false lashes can really make the look glam. Bronzer and you’re good to go. Simple 😬

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