Beter- an old favourite 

Being a fan of cosmetic shipping on holidays meant that I had quite a few Beter brushes already and always felt the need to add to my collection when ever I hit the continent. I’ve used them many a time and have brought them back as gifts for people. You can never have too many brushes and as a pro artist I’m quite fussy when it comes to them. I’ve tried them all from the very expensive to the multi pack ones you pick up at the pharmacy at Christmas. I’m fussy and rather discerning but I did squeal with delight today when I was in The Salon Shop on the Kinsale Road to clap eyes on this. 

A full selection of these babies. Ranging from€5-€15 they are inexpensive but great quality. In my past experience they wash well apply even better and work well with both a liquid and powder product. Sometimes the less expensive brushes fall down in the eye brushes but not this brand. Personally I find the hair is densely enough packed to apply a decent amount of product but without clumping a powder product together. The two that I’m going to review today are the stippling brush for foundation and the smudging brush for the eyes. 

The stippling brush I’ve used  to apply a long wear heavy coverage foundation and the smudging brush some MAC pigment. Both performed very well. I washed the stiping brush and applied some powder product with it too. It’s great for a light dusting of powder too. The smudging brush pics up just enough product for a full coverage of the eye shadow without waste or fall out. It hold the pigment nicely and is fantastic for under the eye. I would classify this as similar as a MAC 237. 

As a brush set these are great to add to your collection or for the novice user. From a pro perspective they wash well and dry quickly which is always a bonus. They are really great and I would think similar in performance to Real Techniques face. They out perform the real technique eye ones without a doubt. 

And here folks is the absolute reason to buy them if you are a novice ….. They tell you what to use them for . 

So there you have them. A Beter alternative to a bad brush is a great budget one. 

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