Coroliss hair wand

What’s better than a hair wand ? A rotating hair wand that’s what. Priced at under €50 it’s a great investment if you don’t already own  wand. It has settings that go from 180-220 degrees which is great. 

I like a bigger looser curl therefore use a higher heat. This is because I put bigger sections in to curl. 

No hair style is complete without product and this style I’ve utilised Redken Pillow Proof primer. The hair is rough dried and then curled. The wave goes from either left to right or vice versa. 

Here is the end result 

You can use it to create a tighter curl too. My one nugget of wisdom is to use the controls in short spurts rather than allowing  the hair to be wrapped quickly. This will ensure that the curls are more messy dressy than ” Irish dancer” type 90’s perms. 

A big thank you to Ciara from the Salon Shop for allowing me to trial this. I am yoy rally thrilled with it. 

It’s a great investment piece if you don’t have a curling tongs or wand already. 

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