Tangle Teezer

Since 1984 when my dad tried to tie my hair in a pony band and nearly rendered me bald I’ve realised that my hair is tangly. Not mildly tangly but the hair of a seven year old after being playing rounders and being at the local chlorine filled pool. 

Tara from Kopper gave me a great idea when she did my colour last week and that was to invest in a tangle teezer. It glides through the tangles when your hair is both wet and dry. It’s handy and you can use it in the shower to comb through your conditioner too should you so desire. 

Whoever invented it I praise you . I had always thought they were a bit gimmicky and something that mummy’s would use. And yes they are. But they will take an adult many too and save you time and tears in the process .