Thai Yellow Curry

i do love a good take away it feel that Thai food is easily cooked at home. Here is a lower fat idea than a takeaway. Beware it’s still not an everyday meal but it is Delish. It’s a lower fat option thank a take away for sure and goes really well with white wine 😬. 

Two Tablespoons of curry paste ( Lidl is what I used)

Two cloves of garlic

Half a teaspoon of crushed dried chillies

A tin of low fat coconut milk

250 mls of chicken stock 

4 large fillets of chicken 





Tender stem Brocolli

Basically whatever veg you’d like. 

A tablespoon of coconut oil to fry

Melt the oil with the veg and chillies and garlic once the veg is slightly soft add the curry paste. Fry this off and add the stock and coconut milk and heat it. Do not boil it. Add the chicken and allow it to simmer gently. I generally leave it in the slow cooker for an hour and s half but it would cook on the job in 25 minutes. 

Serves four, serve with rice , whole grain basmati is my fave. 

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