Budget Besties

So you want fabulous skin but on a shoe string? Beware of buying the skincare essentials based on price however I have two good toppers that are under a tenner each. 


Garnier are a prominent brand in the supermarket and pharmacies country wide and I must admit to loving them. First up the cleanser, now you will use more of this product that a more expensive brand but it’s soft and works well. Personally I love to apply it directly to your skin and then wiping it off with some cotton pads. It works equally well applied to cotton and wiped across the skin. My skin is dry so I purchased the one most suited, there’s a version for oily /combo skin too. I didn’t use it on my eyes due to my lades however I think it’s far better to use a separate eye make up anyway as the milky texture is heavy for the delicate eyes. 

Then you have the exfoliator. A gel with grains . This again is nice, there’s not too much grain in it so you don’t get the dreaded sandpaper feel you can from a face scrub, the gel texture is refreshing and doesn’t leave the skin tight. You can Use it on the neck and décolleté too which needs to be looked after too. 

You ca purchase the two of these for under €12 and to be honest they are quite good. I’d give the cleanser a major thumbs up and would repurchase fur sure. The scrub is fresh but I only used it once so far , just because a scrub is something that you only need once or twice a week. Ensure also that you apply the scrub to wet skin. 

So these are my budget besties for now xxxxx 

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