there’s no easy way to admit it, you’re hot, hot headed emotional in need of a hug with a bar of chocolate from a naked Adam Levine. You feel crampy and cranky and you arrive home to the washing STILL in a basket on the sofa. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!!! It’s totally not relevant that that’s where you left it and there’s nobody else at home. Ah yes the PMT has arrived. Ta-ra logic hello heathen. Sometimes we don’t really know it for what it is, until it’s pointed out to us… ” are you Ya know due your period or something?” Whhhhhhaaaaaaatttttttttttt!!!!!! 

What can you do to alleviate PMT? Supplements like Evening primrose oil and starflower oil can help. For the sore boobs? Find a really comfortable bra… Loathe as I am to admit it I wear a crop top and a big t shirt! 

A giant Galaxy can also help. As can a a pillow that you scream into. For me? I find a hot water bottle for day one and then a walk when you actually get the energy. I find putting on some great music and getting out and pounding the pavements is good. 

Once the red devil arrives things invariably cool off a bit. A good idea is to download an app to warn you and those you love with that its coming. 

If a crown isn’t in your budget just go to Tesco buy a dairy milk and watch back to back Sex and the city episodes while drinking tea in your tracksuit pants or PJs. Men have it easy don’t they? Oh Ya and avoid any mirrors fur a day or two… It means you won’t squeeze the hormonal spots…. 

It’s hard work being a woman but oh so much more fun 😤. 

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